Guardianship Planning
Sacramento Guardianship Attorney

Sacramento Guardianship Attorney

What Does Guardianship Planning Entail?

Leaving instructions! The goal is to ensure that whether the children are in our care or the care of a guardian, they will be raised the same way, with the same lifestyle, values and ethics.

Important Issues To Address In The Planning

• Who controls and manages the assets for the children (TRUSTEE)
• Who physically provides day to day care for the children (GUARDIAN)
• What values should be instilled in them (i.e. Raising financially responsible children who understand the value of a dollar and have a strong work ethic)
• Creating incentives for them to accomplish certain goals (i.e. pursue higher education, obtain a post high school degree)
• Protecting your children from overspending, creditors, divorce, etc.

How Is This Accomplished?

Step 1: Understanding what things are important to you, your goals for your children whether it is: education, work ethic, community service, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, etc.
Step 2: Understanding your children: their personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and spending habits, etc.
Step 3: Creating instructions and crafting a plan that will accomplish your goals and is custom tailored for your family.

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